From my training as an architect, I develop spatialities, atmospheres of absence, discouraged organisms, their details, and the relationships between them and the viewer. Images that invite to feel and remain on a boundary between everyday life and estrangement, between definition and lack of definition. Dystopias, where space-time and chiaroscuro intermingle to make us reflect on our existence, both in oil and also in installation, photography, animation and digital art.

Architecture gave me the ability to project: everything is finished in my head before I even start it. My process then consists of breaking that image by means of multiple analog and digital techniques simultaneously. It all ends in spaces, landscapes of conflicting sensations where architecture and visual arts converse.

Being a porteño from a busy city like Buenos Aires, they always told me that I don't look like it, is it because I'm a slow person? perhaps it is because I distance myself from the speed of the city and the people, I live detained in my own time, like in a cryogenic capsule. This makes me analyze my surroundings and their causes: my work finds its origin there, from analysis and criticism. I present our circumstantiality in relation to social, scientific, metaphysical and spiritual questions.