(City of Buenos Aires 1990) He is an architect but works self-taught in the arts. He has art in private collections in various parts of the world and exhibited in various countries such as France, USA, Chile and Argentina.

"In order to analyze and understand our circumstantiality it is necessary to distance ourselves from the moment and from our spacetime. This reality is full of small situations of humor and sarcasm if one manages to get far enough away."


His work speaks from that place, as well as its reality, circumscribed in Latin America, but focusing on our daily conflicts: from our interpersonal relationships to society as a whole, our highly valued idea of ​​progress and consequently consumption and the technology. His work is based on painting but covers other means of expression, from drawing, digital art to installations and the materialization of projects.


-MA Masters in investigation and art production 

Universitat de Barcelona 2021


University of Belgrano U.B. (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2018

-Art clinic with Carolina Antoniadis (Buenos Aires, Argentina) 2019

-Monica Heller Experimental Animation Workshop 

Universidad Torcuato Di Tela U.T.D.T. 2020

-Rewrite history, genre approaches to art, cinema and literature 

Fundacion PROA y U.B.A.